Rules for the Frank Mullineux Local History Award



Rules for the Frank Mullineux Salford Local
History Award

as altered at a meeting on 6th
February 2017


1.      Salford Local History Forum shall offer
annually a prize to be known as the Frank Mullineux Salford Local History


2.      The Award will be offered for the work which
is considered by the appointed Panel to have con- tributed most to the study of
the local history of Salford. The work should be original but its form is not
specified: examples of work which would be considered are a paper, a book, arrangement
of an exhibition, involvement in the restoration of an item of historical
importance, discovery and interpretation of a manuscript, a photographic survey
or other media.


3.      The appointed Panel will be known as the
Awards Panel. They will be appointed at the first Forum meeting each year
(starting 2018). There will be no more than 5 members, with the Chair of the
Forum an ex-officio member. It is desired that at least one member of the
Awards Panel shall be from Eccles & District History Society. The
recommendations of the Awards Panel shall be reported to the Salford Local
History Forum whose decision will be final.


4.      The form of the Frank Mullineux Local History
Award shall be as decided by the Awards Panel and approved by the Forum. Each
Award will be accompanied by a suitably inscribed certificate.


5.      Submissions for the Award shall be made to
the Hon. Secretary of the Awards Panel and should include the full name and
address of the candidate and, where applicable the Awards Panel may require a
statement, not exceeding 250 words, to describe a study or project offered and
may invite a candidate to discuss their entry.


6.      The Forum reserves the right to waive the
Award in any year if, in the opinion of the Awards Panel, no entry reaches a
sufficiently high standard.


7.      Submissions may be made at any time but the
closing date will be 30th June in any year. The Award will be announced at the
first meeting of the Forum following the closing date for submissions unless
decided otherwise. The Award shall be presented at the Salford Local History
Fair, or other forum event. Applicants will be informed of the decision and
their publications or other items submitted to the Hon. Secretary returned.


8.      Minimum age for entrants 18


9.      If Salford Local History Forum is unable or
unwilling to continue administering the Frank Mullineux Award, then it should
be offered back to Eccles & District History Society, along with associated