2013-2014 Season

James Brindley-the subject of the January meeting.

11 September  
 Light on the landscape - the Lake District
Gordon Bartley

 9 0ctober        
The significance of the Rainhill
locomotive trials
Chris Tigwell

13 November  
The gangs of Victorian Manchester and Salford
 Andrew Davies

11 December
   Christmas meal at Smith's Restaurant, Church Street, Eccles.

8 January      
James Brindley
John Doughty

12 February
The Roman road in Eccles
John Rabbitt

12  March
 Homes for motor cars
David George

  9 April            
Letters of Jack Trenbath. A local man, a sodlier in Wortld War I, writes home.
Paul Hassall

14 May
 Annual General Meeting
followed by The Salford Archer Project, a presentation featuring characters from the 14th century.