In 2006 a Miscellany of Past Lectures was published
to celebrate the Society's Golden Jubilee :
details are given at the end of the list below.

The Eccles & District Society Lectures  were published annually for 1966/67 to 1978/79 and 1983/84 to 1987/88; 
biennially for 1979/81, 1981/83, 1988/90 and 1990/92;
and triennally for 1992/95 and 1999/2002. 

The contents of all lectures are listed below. Those which are still available for purchase are listed on our Publications in Print  page. 
All volumes may be viewed at
Salford Local History Library.


Mullineux, F. James Nasmyth
Barber, J. Sacred Trinity Church, Salford.
Bell, J.A.M. Docks, warehouses and commercial buildings.
McCann, J. The political scene in Eccles, 1920-1967.
Smethurst, J.B. Strikes and strikebreakers in the Worsley Coalfield.
Norris, J.H. The water-powered corn mills of Cheshire.
Spencer, P. Industrial songs of the nineteenth century.

Cotton, G.B. Some sources for the study of the history of Salford.
Reed, P.N. The Manchester Ship Canal
Hills, R.L. The passing of the mill steam engine.
Smethurst, J.B. Ballads of the coalfields.
Carney, M. Food and diet, 1890-1910.
Milligan, H. The significant years in photography, 1850-1856.

Barlow, T.M. "1900" (Eccles in that year) .
Johnson, J. Cadishead fustian cutting.
Aspin,C. The Turners of Helmshore and Higher Mill.
Smethurst, J.B. Lancashire and the Miners' Association of Great Britain and Ireland, 1842-1848.

Devereux, M.W. Three Liverpool Worthies.
Frow, E. and R. Peterloo, 1819.
Brown, E.G. The Magnesium Metal Company of Salford and Patricroft.
Smethurst, J.B. Ermen and Engels in Eccles.
Gray, E. The development of road passenger transport.
Asmore, O. The Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe Hall.
Johnston, F.R. Sir Gilbert de Barton(1200-?1271) and the Manor of Barton-upon-Irwell.
Walsh, F. Tramways and soughs in the Worsley area.

Spencer, P. The English parish church.
Jenkins, M. Cotton struggles, 1929-1932.
Goodier, J. Chat Moss, its reclamation, its pioneers.
Frow, R. The half-time system of education.
Dore, R.N. The Civil War in Lancashire and Cheshire.
Bu'lock, J.D. Historical links between Ireland and the North.
Schofield, R.B. Inland navigations.

Patry, M. Talking about Nasmyth.
Bracegirdle, R. The history of dyeing and calico printing in Lancashire.
Barlow, T.M. Recollections of Eccles personalities.
Sunderland, F. Radcliffe-on-Irwell.
Frow, E. and R. C.Allen Clarke, Lancashire author.
Smethurst, J.B. The suffragette movement in Eccles.
Chapman, A. Three North country astronomers-Horrox, Crabtree and Gascoigne.
Carter, G.A. The Warrington Academy.
Hayburn, R. The National Unemployed Worker Movement in Eccles, 1929-1936.

Smethurst, J.B. Leonard William Hall, journalist extraordinary.
Basnett, L. Tolls bars of Lancashire.
Frow, E. and R. Strikes.
Wright, P. Dialects and occupational languages.
Schofield, R.B. and J.B.Smethurst Some tramroads in the Irwell Valley.
Roberts, R. Class development in an industrial society.
Lewerey, A.J. Barges and barge decoration.

Winterbotham, D. A view of the Irwell Valley.,
Shotter, D.C.A. Roman Lancashire.
Malet, H. The value of local history.
Carmyllie, R.R. Ramsbottom, a valley cotton town.
Brunskill, R.W. Vernacular architecture.
Bagley, J.J. George Rigby and Kenyon Peel hall.

Schofield, R.B. Benjamin Outram and the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.
Shercliffe, W.H. Manchester I-the emergence of an industrial metropolis.
Higson, J.P.W. A social phenomenon: Lancashire's dissenting Lords Willoughby.
Tomlinson, V.I. Some innns of new Salford as sources for its history.
Andrews, P.J. Public opinion at work: the campaign to close the Warrington to Wigan turnpike, 1866-77.
Makepeace, C. Manchester II-its changing face.

Frow, E. Elijah Ridings- waever, radical and poet.
Crossley, B. Local history and the civil engineer.
Ward, C. Thomas Pendlebury, organ builder.
Winterbotham, D. Dame Dorothy Legh, Lady of the Manor of Worsley.
Carmyllie, R.R. The diary of Jamieson Morton.

Frow, R. Gardner's of Patricroft.
Linkman, A. The Archive Retrieval Unit.
Cross, A.N. Local archives.
Howarth, K. A regional sound archive for the North West.
Knott, J.V. Mechanical musical boxes.

Milliken, H.T. Inventions galore (Protector Lamp Company).
Crossley, P.P. The Grammar School, Clarendon Road, Eccles.
O'Brien, E. Swinton Industrial Schools.
Rogerson, B. A touch of local brass.
Patry, M. Some Lancashire artists.

Cross, A.N. Annals of the Poor: poor relief in Worsley to 1849.
Gray, E. The Manchester Carriage Company.
Winterbotham, D. Lancashire County maps.
Corbridge, J. The Mersey and Irwell Navigation.
George, A.D. The Manchester motor industry, 1900-1938.

Carson, C.J. Local participation in the Spanish Civil War.
Glynn, T. Confederate agents in Lancashire during the American Civil war.
Parkin, W. Theatres and music halls in salford, 1880-1980.
Smethurst, J.B. Portrait of a miners' leader, William Pickard, J.P., 1821-1887.
George, A.D. A.V.Roe and the beginnings of the aircraft industry.
Parker, J. Barton Airport.
Cross, A.N. A History of Eccles and its neighbourhood, prehistory to Domesday Book.

Frow, E. Worsley in the "Hungry Forties".
Atkinson, G. The "Bridgewater" Collieries, 1760-1900.
Smith, W.C. The Pendlebury Riot of 1912.
Smith, W.C. The Clifton Hall Disaster.
Makepeace, C. Our built heritage.
George, A.D. Aviation competitions, 1909-1919.

Winterbotham, D. the buidling of Barton Bridge.
Flynn, A. Eccles pubs.
Gomes, M.A. The North West Film archive.
Grayling, C. The Bridgewater heritage.
Dobson, A. Mr Superintendent James Bent: a police officer in the Manchester Division.
Garratt, M. Census returns and the local historian.
Chapman, A. The medicine of the people: popular medicine in Edwardian Lancashire.

Cantrell, J. the death of William Huskisson, M.P.
Makepeace, C. A Victorian Christmas.
Jones, S. The Lancashire Wakes.
Crowley, B. Patricroft: an urban trail.
Wilkinson, D.J. The Justices of the peace in early seventeenth century Lancashire.
Frow, E. and R. The Gregs of Styal.

Barnes, P. Population change and immigrant groups in Eccles.
Salt, N. Hitler killed our budgie: memories of a wartime childhood.
Wickham, H. Daniel Royle, farmer, 1710-1796.
Atkinson, G. Shopping in Walkden.
Houlihan, M. Tripe, a most excellent dish.

Atkinson, G. Methodism in Worsley.
Cohen, B.A. Family history.
Crowley, B. Little Hulton.
Pickstone, J. Manchester's history and Manchester's hospitals.

Crowley, B. All Saints' Church, Barton and the Rev. Monsignor Canon John Kershaw.
Williams, P. Chethams-writing its history.
Mullineux, C.E. Wardley Hall.
Wallace, Rev. I.H. The Reverend Miles Hanson: a liberal Swinton minister.
Chapman, A. Science for the working man-the failure of a Victorian dream.

Wallace, Rev.I.H. The Rev. Thomas Wrigley-the father of free church modernism.
Wheaton, C. Barton Moss.
George, A.D. Henry Royce of Manchester.
Watson, H. Church, state and education in Eccles.
Tyldesley, H.L. Some notes on Roe Green.
Powell, Dr.M.R. Records at Chetham's Library.
Baker, P.R. The history and development of Barton upon Irwell.

Watson, S. The Rev.Canon James Pitcairn, M.A., Vicar of Eccles, 1861-1892.
Davies, A. Wet Earth Colliery, Clifton.
Wallace, Rev.I.H. J.H. Hudson: an Eccles conscientious objector.
Heys, K. The story of Sindsley.
Atkinson, G.J. Walkden, a company town, 1750-1950.
Edwards, G.K. Changes I have seen during my lifetime in Eccles.

Appleton, C.A. A serious accident at Eccles (Eccles Station, 1941).
Hayton, S. Living in cellars in the Manchester area during Victorian times.
Butterworth, D. Local family heraldry.
Aldred, J. The Evans family of Astley and Boothstown: botanists and herbal doctors.
Mullineux, C.E. A chronology of the Bridgewater Canal and related subjects.
Mullineux, Christopher Railways in south Lancashire.

Vigeon, E. Lark Hill to Peel Park.
Davies, A. Coalmining update.
Craven, K. Salford Quays Heritage Centre.
George, A.D. The motor garage in Salford and district, with notes on some local cars.
George, A.D. Trafford Park, 1896-1996: an industrial trail.
Mullineux, C.E. Manor and parish: the township of Worsley.
Parr, M.L. An introduction to a Monton childhood, 1914-1918.
Parr, M.L. A Monton childhood, 1914-1918.

Smethurst, J.B. Reflections on 40 years of the Eccles and District History Society.
Makepeace, C. Manchester at war.
Heap, J.H. Wildlife of the Manchester Ship Canal.
Mullineux, C.E. John Gilbert, 1724-1795.
Mullineux, C.E. Pilkington's Royal Lanacstrian Pottery.
McNulty, J. Heart and Blood.
Cross, A.N. The history of Eccles: books and other sources.
Craven, K. Exhibitions at Salford Quays Heritage Centre.
Davies, A. Coalmining update.
George, A.D. Industrial Archeology in Greater Manchester.

Smethurst, J.B. The Monton, Slack lane and Patricroft Collieries of John Lanacaster.
George, A.D. Manchester Docks to Salford Quays.
Champness, B. Some notes relating to a Crossley gas engine installed at Eccles Parish church.
Mullineux, C.E. Thomas Tyldesley and the Civil War in Lancashire.
Cross, A.N. Towards the Millenium: measuring time.
Marlow, M.A. Some war memorials in Eccles and Patricroft.

Cross, A.N. History of Eccles and its neighbourhood: prehistory to Domesday Book.
Mullineux, E. John Gilbert, 1724 - 1795.
Brown, E.G. The Magnesium Metal Company of Salford and Patricroft.
Johnston, F.R. Sir Gilbert de Barton (1201 - ?1271) and the Manor of Barton upon Irwell.
Malet, Hugh The value of local history.
Smethurst, J.B. Ermen and Engels.
Crossley, P. The Grammar School, Clarendon Road, Eccles.
George, D. A.V.Roe and the beginnings of the aircraft industry.
Rogerson, B. A touch of local brass.
Atkinson, G. Shopping in Walkden.
Salt, N. Hitler killed our budgie: memories of a wartime childhood.