Publications out of print

Aldred, John The Steam Hammer Man  James Nasmyth 1890-1908 (2008)

Bleackley, J.R.   The Member for Eccles  (1963)

Bleackley, J.R.  Portrait Gallery (1963)
Bowes, Peter and Madeleine Patry
Eccles: a collection of old photographs(1982)

Carson, Chris and John B.Smethurst Swinton & Pendlebury. A century of change in words and pictures (1981)

Golden Miscellany of Past Lectures: Eccles and District History Society 1956-2006 (2006) 

Johnston, F.R.     Eccles and Swinton. The past speaks for itself (1957)
Johnston, F.R.    Eccles, from hamlet to borough (1965)
Johnston, F.R.     Lancashire Sketch Maps (1958)
Mullineux, Frank
The Duke of Bridgewater's Canal (1959)
Mullineux, Frank The Duke of Bridgewater's Canal
(2nd edition, 1988)

Smethurst, John B. The demise of several centuries of basket making in the Lower Irwell Valley (2007)
Smethurst, John B.  Lancashire and the Miners' Federation of Great Britain (1980)

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